About VersoCinema

Pushing the boundaries of conventional cinema, transgressing the image. This is our manifesto

VERSO CINEMA is a collective of internationally multi awarded filmmakers under another identity; we seek to break that barrier in order to create, with absolute freedom, a new concept of pornography, where eroticism and sensuality emerge through the film language and narrative.

For many years it is not unusual to see people fucking on a cinema screen. It is quite another thing to see it explicitly.

We come from the audio-visual world and mainstream cinema. Julia McDonell, Jean-Pierre Mendoza, Alex Bosch and Lucia are the names that we have chosen. We are the first filmmakers who have dared to take the plunge. Each with our own style, we have created our interpretation of eroticism and sex for VERSO CINEMA. We love to tell stories and make the viewer penetrate our universe of image and beauty.

The prevailing language in porn has always been unimaginative, unrealistic and poorly made, stigmatizing itself as an ordinary and dirty product and devoid of taste and quality. It doesn’t need to be so. We want to show stimulating images, create realistic stories wrapped in a beautiful performance that is focused on the emotion and passion of its characters to make them more exciting and attractive.

Pornography should enrich our sexuality stimulating our creativity as well as our desire. We want to awaken your mind. We want to inspire you. We want to excite you.

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Jean-Pierre Mendoza (Lima, 1976)

The truth is that when I was young I wanted to be a musician :-) as a teenager I used to play the guitar in a band at my school and we all thought we were going to succeed. Luckily I sat my head and I began to study. I went to college and studied Law at the behest of my parents (I guess they thought that would straighten me), but I never practiced as a lawyer because I did not like it too much. I worked in all kinds of places, from an ice cream parlour to the drafting of a photography magazine, but I've always been a free spirit and with some savings that I had I produced a movie with some friends, which was quite successful in independent film festivals around the world.

I like porn when it is credible and interesting. I try to give it a twist and reformulate it because I think that makes it more exciting and appealing to many people. This is something that needs to be modernized and I love being one of those who promotes this idea.

Julia McDonell (Blackpool, UK, 1979)

When I was young, I lived in a small town from the coast of England where there was not much to do, so when I grew up I moved to London, the big city. Quite impulsively, now that I think of it, because I still did not know what to do with my life. After a slightly agitated sabbatical year ;-) I started to study filmmaking because I liked the artistic and cool vibes of it. My classmates and I used to record short films; videos that we uploaded to YouTube, small clips... we always had a lot of projects underway.

I have worked with all types of companies in advertising, video art, fashion films, etc. I had never thought I’d found myself doing porn, but I like the freedom that it allows me and I also love the many situations that can be created.

I like to experiment with light, colour and music for artistic and cool porn.

Lucía (Madrid, 1987)

Back when I was studying visual communication at the university, my boyfriend suggested watching a porn movie at home. We put it on laughing, but as the film progressed I began to feel more and more uncomfortable for what I was seeing. I thought that what appeared on the screen was unnatural and even scary. We finished watching it and we took it away.

When I finished my studies two years later, I started to work a little more seriously in short films and I filmed a documentary that appeared on TV :-).

When I was asked to shoot my first porn scene I did not accept immediately. I remembered that movie that I had seen and I felt disgusted. But then I thought about doing something that I believed in, something that I identify with.

The filming went well and the actors were very professional, everything was like in my previous work. Then I realized I could do different porn, which I could like. I really believe that a lot of people can relate to that too.

Àlex Bosch (Barcelona, 1985)

I always loved cinema, since very young, and I can proudly say I've probably seen more than a thousand films. So I studied filmmaking in my city and I tested my chance with several short films. I did not do anything wrong and now I work in a long film script.

The truth is that the adult film industry has always appealed me for the low quality in which it is usually filmed and the poor imagination of their scripts.

Shooting a scene with the style and care with which I film my projects has been a very stimulating challenge (in all senses). I am pleased to have contributed my bit to make a different adult film experience, a field in which there is still a lot to prove.

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