About Verso. Pushing the boundaries of conventional cinema, transgressing the image. This is our manifesto.

VERSO CINEMA is a collective of internationally multi awarded filmmakers under another identity; we see to break that barrier in order to create, with absolute freedom, a new concept of pornography, where eroticism and sensuality emerge through the film language and narrative.

For many years it is not unusual to see people fucking on a cinema screen. It is quite another thing to see it explicitly.

We come from the audio-visual world and mainstream cinema. Julia McDonell, Jean-Pierre Mendoza, Alex Bosch and Lucia are the names that we have chosen. We are the first filmmakers who have dared to take the plunge. Each with our own style, we have created our interpretation of eroticism and sex for VERSO CINEMA. We love to tell stories and make the viewer penetrate our universe of image and beauty.

The prevailing language in porn has always been unimaginative, unrealistic and poorly made, stigmatizing itself as an ordinary and dirty product and devoid of taste and quality. It doesn’t need to be so. We want to show stimulating images, create realistic stories wrapped in a beautiful performance that is focused on the emotion and passion of its characters to make them more exciting and attractive.

Pornography should enrich our sexuality stimulating our creativity as well as our desire. We want to awaken your mind. We want to inspire you. We want to excite you.

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