November 13, 2015

Hungman: Some Harmless Teasing

When we are in couple, sometimes it is difficult to keep sexual interest as alive as it was on the first days, when were always longing for each other and there was nothing else but our anxious and turned on bodies bursting with insatiable desire. We have to find, in our domestically dull surroundings, a tiny little reason to lit the flame of passion that allows us to escape the routine installed in our always-busy minds.

A good way to do it is to make a little effort and begin with an innocent game, some harmless teasing, and a bit of mischievousness. For example, a very conventional and childish game (let’s say... hangman) can turn into a hot distraction when every time you fail at getting the right letter you have to take off a piece of clothing (that makes it way more interesting, doesn’t it?).

That is what wonderful performer Jimena Lago does in “Hungman”, our newest short film, where she plays a cheeky, sexy but also caring and loving girlfriend alongside Miguel Zayas.

At first he is very surprised but he quickly seems delighted to play the game his adorable girlfriend is proposing. We even have the impression that he always loses on purpose; it is impossible to fail every single time (oh, that was very mean of us!).

We had already worked with these performers in our Halloween special “Ouija” and we love the chemistry those two had in front of the camera; therefore we even let them do a bit of improvisation and the result couldn’t have been better, they gave us (and they will give you) the impression of being a real couple spicing up a bit their relationship in the privacy of their cosy kitchen.

We present “Hungman”, a fun and realistic short film about private games inside a couple. Don’t miss it! 



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