November 20, 2015

The Stranger

When we get excited, the heart beat up. You feel you´ve done exercise even if you are completely still. Your heart moves depending on what your eyes see.

When we feel we are in danger or when we face something that is unfamiliar, our brain responds in a similar way. That’s the reason why we are so fascinated when we meet a stranger. When we first let him.

We will think about what that guy or that girl hides underneath all those clothes. How he will make love. What he will like. Perhaps violent and passionate or tender and sweet. Although when it comes to penetrate the mystery, you expect for that pinch of risk that accelerates your heart even more.

You do not know his name and you calculate his age by his appearance. You are not sure whether you must throw yourself in his arms or you wait for the hug. Test the warmth of his bare skin for the first time is also something desired. And it is preferable to keep him waiting. Imagine how it would be without it. While looking at this stranger.

Could he be a dangerous person? Yes. Or maybe you´re a dangerous person and your home sweet home is a web prepared for eager unsuspecting quick sex searchers. But you don’t want anything fast or slow. What you want is to dilate this moment in time as much as possible.

Would you offer something to drink? If you do run the risk of knowing too much. You do not want to know anything about him. You want to imagine it as you lick his body and he licks yours too.

How will he put me to fuck? He´ll like oral sex first or last? When we are so exhausted that we just can’t move.

It´s time to find out ...



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