November 27, 2015

Now We Are Really Going Bananas

This week we present our new short film whose title “Going bananas” reveals its main subject: some fruity matters ;-) (yes, that was a joke and you will be able to understand it when you watch the film, so be prepared).

A young couple is at home, sitting in front of each other on a long wooden table. He seems to be very busy on his laptop, while she tries to distract herself by looking at some very disturbing pieces of pictorial art in a large book. She looks at him, he doesn’t react and she finally falls into boredom.

But then, something happens, a little detail changes it all and she starts to play an [innocent?] game while he remains there, plunging on the computer as she walks through the many rooms in the house, giggling and grabbing some fruits from the kitchen. But why is he so serious, sitting there in the dining room?

At this time you already know we like to shoot films about real relationships in realistic situations; it is funny to look through the keyhole and see what people do in their houses, when nobody is looking and all that matters is to indulge oneself with some pleasant distractions, games and excitement.

For this film, we wanted to keep the focus on aesthetics using vibrant colors that fade to white, very precise shots and beautiful compositions. For that purpose we decided to work with wonderful Ena Sweet and Marius, both very young with fantastic slender bodies, perfect for the images we wanted to get. The result is a very cool and fresh film about a young couple and how important it is for them to go bananas from time to time (okay, it is time for us to stop this silly nonsense).

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 




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